Producing Award Winning Headliners
here’s a few

Taylor Williamson
Won 2nd Place
on America’s Got Talent 2013
Sebastian Marciano
Vicki Barbolak
(TBS) Funniest Mom in America
Amanda Bynes
Comedic Actress
Naveed Maboob
Bangladesh TV’s Favorite Talk Show Host

If I haven


……just wanted to thank you cuz I finally, despite how nervous and self conscious I was, had a blast up there finally and can’t wait to try again..


Just wanted to say so far I’m really enjoying the class and the book. The book is opening up a lot of topics for me to explore, so I’m excited. Thanks!


I finally got back to Toronto last night, and am still on a high from last Sunday’s show…

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance throughout the program. I finally got a taste of being ‘myself’ onstage, and the response really blew me away.. I can’t wait to see what this all leads to.. Best feeling in the world..


Hey Sandi,

Just wanted to thank you again for an absolutely stellar experience, and share something with you that I wrote based on the class.

I’ve been doing research all summer for a book I’m writing . I finished all the research and outlining, etc., and sat down to actually write the first draft of the first chapter today. Lo and behold — the Comedy Store class ends up forming the narrative for the first chapter!

Thanks again,

Dr. D.C.

I wanted to thank you so much for the class. I learned a lot in your class about comedy and about myself. I know that I have started developing a powerful tool that I can take into every other aspect of both my personal and professional worlds. I will definitely start coming to The Comedy Store more often and plan to continue this newfound passion through open mic nights, etc.

Thanks again for everything,


I wanted to give you feedback on the class. I think you did a wonderful job and I gained so much from taking your class. It was an experience in which I saw immediate results.

I had a jury trial this week and used what I learned. Present at the trial was someone who has seen me in trial before. He told me I gave the best closing argument he has ever seen. I won the case and I truly believe it was in no small part from what I learned about myself in your class. You helped me discover my public speaking strengths, which makes me much more comfortable and confident speaking in front of groups.

I would highly recommend your class to people wanting to improve their public speaking skills. Thank you so much.

G. B. Esq.

You have truly been an inspiration and given me much to think about. As Tommy so accurately pointed out, you are an artist. I can see your wheels turning as you figure out each of us. And your book is excellent!


I know it has been quite awhile since I took your class at the comedy store La Jolla, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for teaching me some great pointers about comedy. I have been using them, and when I write new new material I refer to your book often. I have been connecting with audiences and getting a lot of laughs. I have been making a lot of progress, and it’s all due to your class.